Harmonic Analysis, Operator Algebras and Representation Theory

In autumn 2019, the seminar takes place Wednesdays 15:30 - 16:30 in room 31 (house 5).
All abstracts can be found in the SMC calender: Link

Date Speaker Title
04.03.2020 Rolf Källström
(Högskolan i Gävle)
Decompositions of D-modules over finite maps and the correspondence with representations of finite groups
26.02.2020 Michael Hartz
(University of Hagen)
Multipliers and operator space structure of weak products
05.02.2020 Eskil Rydhe
(Lund University)
On Laplace--Carleson embeddings, and some aspects of the Fourier transform
29.01.2020 Wushi Goldring
(Stockholm University)
Propagating algebraicity of automorphic representations via Langlands functoriality
04.12.2019 Odysseas Bakas
(Lund University)
Remarks on a theorem of Pichorides
27.11.2019 Christian Bönicke
(University of Glasgow)
Regularity properties for ample groupoids
13.11.2019 Yash Lodah
Finitely generated infinite simple groups of homeomorphisms of the real line
13.11.2019 Asaf Horev
(Stockholm University)
Geometric representation theory and factorization homology on surfaces
(Joint with the NT seminar at 11 o'clock, room 306)
30.10.2019 Arno Kret
(University of Amsterdam)
Construction of Galois representations for GSO_2n
04.09.2019 Ulrik Enstad
(University of Oslo)
Time-frequency analysis on the adeles
29.05.2019 Constanze Liaw
(University of Delaware)
Generalizations of Aleksandrov-Clark theory
22.05.2019 David Kyed
(University of Southern Denmark)
Uniqueness questions for C*-norms on group rings
15.05.2019 Alan Sola
(University of Stockholm)
The Dirichlet space of the bidisk: a survey
08.05.2019 Nadia Larsen
(University of Oslo)
Phase transitions and arithmetic subalgebras for Hecke C*-algebras from number fields
24.04.2019 Magnus Goffeng (Chalmers) The dynamics and (noncommutative) geometry of Smale spaces